I love me some comics! I tend to gravitate more to autobio stuff… or life-inspired stories… which is why Craig Thompson and EmiTown are faves. Keith Knight also fits into this category. Keith has a few different comic strips (The K Chronicles, The Knight Life, & thINK). He had a complilation there on his APE table that I just could NOT pass up…. once I saw the strip about the puking cat and the toilet, I slapped my twenty on the table.

Aidan Casserly offered up his new comic Scapula: Sinister Monster Doom Legion (It truly is sinister and dark). If you like sock puppets and juvenile poop humor (I mean that in a nice way), this one’s for you! Besides, the mad-cap humor, the loverly drawings and eerie  coloring’s really nice. Aidan “Graced” the front page of my copy  with a drawerin’…. hee hee. (Aidan kinda digs Grace… like I dig Hypnausia… it’s just weirdo-ness).


Side b: the music lover’s comic anthology was another purchase. This powerhouse comic includes pages by Lucy Knisley (French Milk), Jeffrey Brown, Jim Mahfood, Warren Wucinich (Flight), Todd Webb, Lars Brown and soooo many others… So if you like music and variety… you’ll dig this one!