It’s ARToberFest in Salinas… Are you ready for some… ART FUN? If you are in Salinas this weekend, drop by the Cartoonery. It’ll be receiving guests all weekend… that’s right, open studio time. I moved some stuff around, painted up some ridiculously (low) priced watercolor minis and forced Judy to slave at the oven for some tasty baked treats…. (lies… she volunteered).

Here’s one of the little watercolors I done up. This is about 3″ square… and is priced at $10. Didn’t I tell you they were ridiculously priced? So make sure ya come early before the little boogers are gone! The whole gang’s here in watercolor… even Gus, the octopus!

So APE… It’s been fun sharing my trip to APE on the blog here… There is so much more to tell… but it will just have to suffice that I post the photos up to Squid Row Mama’s Flickr site… and you can check them there shortly (and soon). If you’ve pondered APE, attending, presenting at, or volunteering for… It’s well worth it… The Last Gasp opening party alone is worth the experience… (I think I have some pics of last year’s party on the Flickr…. I heard that this year, they remodeled their front offices… can’t wait until next year to see!)

Here’s Harold in the truck… we’re approaching The City and Harold’s getting a bit jumpy… he’s excitable.