Thar be tentacles… in a really big jar. 


SO… Yesterday I went to The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Tentacles Exhibit… I was soooo inspired… I learned a buncha stuff and I WILL go back again to just sit and sketch. I’ll bring the ol’ watercolors and make a day of it. Often when I go with others or I’m in a group, I feel like I’m holding everybodys up… with all the drawing and stuff. So this trip I just took photos. I will post pictures here tomorrow… so come back and check out the amazing coolness via my iPhone.

I will also be doing ups some watercolors inspired by the show… and I will post those in the further.

AND AND… the books are scheduled to arrive TODAY! What a great way to start the weekend! So if you are in the elite group who pre-ordered yourself a book/poster… you will be getting yours in the not so far away future. AND AND AND… there is still time to get in on the pre-order (which gets you a free poster and a lively drawing inside your book). But the deadline is April 30th… so get in on that action! Visit Etsy or throw money in the mail right away!