Hey, it’s been a good long while since I posted stuff… there’s stuff going on!

Firstly, my friend Kurt over at TGT Media has put me in a tournament… which started, Monday, August 11th.


So go over to his site… go down to bracket 24 and vote for Squid Row… I’m up against terrible odds being in the same bracket as Capes & Babes in round one, but hey… you all could surprise me with a win… all you have to do is click on the little box next to Squid Row (link above). I could win… it could happen. Thanks!

Secondly, The West End Celebration is coming up in a couple weeks… (Aug 23 & 24) if you live around here… or not… come out to Sand City and see the artists, musicians, food and wine! It’s a two day event and it’s always a lot of fun. BOOTH 40, ya’ll… where I was last year… on Hickory.