10339557_10204131076225103_9044519261251932139_nThe next issue of Art-o-rama is in the mail. Subscribers will get it this week. East Coasters… more like Monday. Just in time for summer… It’s the Summer Reading issue…(SPOILER**** If you like to be surprised when you open your envelope, subscribers… then DO NOT CONTINUE READING!)

Inside this issue,  you’ll find my guide to graphic novels for your summer reading enjoyment… also you’ll see what Ryan is reading… you’ll find a word search (of my own devising) and way so much more… Word-Comics-Art… it’s all in this Summer issue!

Okay, Subscribers… you can look back now. 

Sooo …Looking ahead for the August/September issue… Underwater. IF you’d like to submit something for this issue please email me through the contact button with the headline Artorama submission.