I live two hours south of Golden Gate Park. Driving to San Francisco on a holiday weekend (Labor Day) was uncomplicated and pleasant. Finding a place to park was more difficult. No matter. I was dropped off in front of the County Fair Building, along with my zines and Squid Row wares. Art-O-Rama for the people.


I was parked in the youth-friendly zone (there were only 7 or so of us)… they asked on the application if this was okay. I replied “yes” … and this got me a nice spot next to the bright window as you first came in. A nice spot, indeed. Also, I was parked between two nifty zinesters… one a parenting zine animator mom-person who made zines with her 5 year-old’s art. The other side of the Squid Row table was occupied by a nifty tooner/zinester and “toast master”, Karl Dotter… very cool.

The day went by very quickly. From 11-5 pm, there was a VERY steady stream of zine-loving people studying the tables. I found people curious and interested in looking at the topics of my zines and I sold many…. as well as the hand drawn buttons I was offering.

So the “kid-friendly” zone was good. Next year, we’ll do it again.

Also: the next Art-o-rama Zine topic? Just in time for Halloween, a zine on ghosts and hauntings.