Yesterday I made my way up to San Fran to investigate the 10th Annual SF Zine Fest. This was my first Zine anything… and I was curious as to how the Zinesters did their thing. As you know I am working on Art-o-rama… an art/comics/word/all things creative zine (more on that in a bit).

So… I was impressed with the Zine Fest. It was held at the County Fair Building just inside Golden Gate Park and it was entirely free to attend. It felt very much like a small Alternative Press Expo… with many comics

people…and artists selling their wares. There were panels and workshops and I slipped into a couple that seemed fun and interesting. One was a conversation on graphic journaling (comic journaling) with Susie Cagle and Andy Warner.  The other was a how-to for comic-zine-ing with Ed Luce 0f Wuvable Oaf.

My only complaint on the event would be that about a month before the Fest, they listed a silkscreening workshop for Sunday… which apparently was dropped. I might’ve opted for Saturday, which had more panels and an after party. Meh. It was fun anyhow and I did make some great purchases, hobnobbed with some artists, and learned a buncha stuff.

Now… Onto ART-O-RAMA…. There are some Squiddies who would like to subscribe to the art-o-rama zine without going thru Etsy and/or Paypal. And I should have made this option available in the beginning. So here’s what we shall do…

Send me an email at with the subject title of artorama… in that email, please list your mailing address where you want the zine sent.

Then send me a check (made out to Squid Row Comics) to my office at 5 E. Gabilan Street, #205, Salinas, CA 93901. 


$30 for 1 year (6 issues starting in mid October)


$50 for 1 year PLUS extra art in each issue! (superb deal!)

Smiles! And get ready for some fun Zine Action in the near future!!!!