It’s show and tell time!

This is where I show you what’s in my library… and you can let me know what’s in yours! I’m starting with two titles, but in the future will do one at a time… sooooo, wanna share?

Okay, these are two graphic novels that I dig lots. Paris by Andi Watson and Simon Gane, is eye candy for people who are fond of the City of Lights. It’s about an American art student, Juliet,  scraping by in a Parisian art school. Enter Deborah, a Brit on holiday who sits for a portrait by Juliet. Nothing is the same after that! First off…. artist scraping by… I like this scenario! … and in Paris? … all the better!!!

Gane, an English fellow, illustrates this “girl love story” with such amazing detail! His style is wonderfully unique with lots of  angles, thick lines and sharp edges. What’s even more incredible is that the book was illustrated from a series of photographs! This Slave Labor Graphics publication comes with fun extras (not included in the original 4 part paper comics release) such as a paper doll, an extended introduction (a la old 50’s movie) and additional images (including the cover art from the original releases). Where to find this book? I found the original paper comics at Atlantis Comics in Santa Cruz… but you can go to to get yours… they have the compilation (shown in the pic) or the paper issues of Paris.

On to Confessions of a Blabbermouth… On this one, the father/daughter writing team (Mike & Louise Carey) are from the UK (I guess I like them Brits). You might recognize Aaron Alexovich from Serenity Rose fame. I originally picked this one up for the graphics. I had found it at the library and was hesitant to give it back. Like Gane, Alexovich has a noted style… varied lines, attention to clothing details, and accentuated eyes. I like that. The story focuses on relationships…  mother/daughter…. father/daughter… mixed family members… The main character is a high school blogger named Tasha (Blabbermouth is the name her blog). Tasha’s mother is seeing Jed, whose daughter Chloe, is now in Tasha’s school. Chloe is a REAL journalist… with a secret. The story takes a few twists: you think it’s going one way, and it ends up quite different. It’s a fun read. Click the title to go to Minx for your copy.

So, now it’s your turn! In the comments, tell us what you’re reading! Keep it to one title, please.