Well, it was a wild, wild West End weekend. Although the sun barely peeked out over the entire 2 day festival, the company was good… the music was good, the food was good and Harold, Minion #1 (Nelson), and I had loads of fun. So many local Squid fans stopped by the booth to give me their warm wishes… and that made me severely happy! Thank you, local Squiddies! I got to meet a buncha new peoples (including Mr. Mitchell who took this photo here)… and see many regular pals, and not so regular pals (many of whom live in Sand City). Zee & Stick-figurer dropped by the booth & my coffee pushin’ pal and Mr. Rollicker’s himself, Jim (who brought us coffee! and even helped us tear down at the end. Hugs to you!)

The Squid booth was situated in a high traffic area and was near the main stage so we got to hear all the music (it was a tad loud at times… but that’s what cotton is for)… honeymoon (intentional lower case), a local band… was my favorite. They played a cover song that I loved when it first came out in the early/mid 90’s called “Kiss Them for Me”… Yah!

Harold was overjoyed with all the hugs and attention. Wanna see photos?

Again… thanks to all who swung by the booth… thank you to all those who bought some Squidware (I hope you enjoy your stuff!)… and thank you to all you’s who made me smile with the kind words! I wish I could mention you all by name… but this post would go on forever! You knows who you are… and I loves ya!