artophotoHere’s something I didn’t know.

If you write “Do Not Bend” on your mail going out… you will get charged more for your postal needs. I tell truth. I went to mail out the latest issue of Art-o-rama (it’s coming to you now, subscribers) and I wrote, as I have in the past, those crazy words DO NOT BEND on the envelopes. THIS TIME, however, I was charged A WHOLE BUCK EXTRA! That is until I said, “uh, wait up a sec.” It was explained to me, right then and there, that this is what happens now when you write that on the envelope. More Postage. The nice postal lady then proceeded to SHOW me how a postal worker might bend the envelope, which I wasn’t really happy about.

Long and short. Your  Art-o-rama issue is coming to your mail box; It might be bent. I am sorry (Except for yours, Audra. You got the extra postage).