The August/September issue of Art-o-rama is now out… you will be getting your copy this week, Squiddie Zinesters… so keep your goggles peeled.

This issue is loaded with lots of writing material from moi. I dusted off my rhyming dictionary and got to work. So please forgive any errors that may have needled their way in and went unnoticed until the issue was all packaged up.

In any case, this issue’s theme is “underwater” and the different interpretations associated with the word (Randie might know a thing or two about it). Thar be sea monsters involved and some historical accounts of historical events. All in all, I hope that you enjoy. AND if you aren’t subscribed but would like a copy, you can visit Etsy and buy this issue or any other, for that matter. If Etsy isn’t your thing, you can always email me and we can work something out. Better yet… you can subscribe over on Etsy as well! 6 issues a year! Just $30-no postage! …if you are in the USA.
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