Harold loves to travel. When we took him to Europe in 2010, it opened up his eye(s) to a whole new world out there. Now he insists on going everywhere with us. We usually give in. Harold with Map

So this year, the gang (Judy, Nelson, Harold & I) are going to France. When we told our little stufftie pal about our travel plans, you’da thought Harold had won the lottery! He was ecstatic. He ran and got his suitcase and started to plan. And so, we thought it would be fun to start up a travel blog… one that we could ruminate, anticipate, and investigate our destinations Francais.

And so… we invite you to look in on our trip at www.travelswithharold.com. 

We will throw in links, photos, and discoveries between now and, well, into our trip… and well-afterwards. From there on out, it will document Harold’s vacation/day-tripping. Enjoy.