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This past weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the first ever Success In Comics Seminar in Sin City. It was hot… (all the way around!) …and attending this cartooning hoo ha… gave some great insight into the business of cartooning…. secrets of the cartoon world were revealed… there were rants, there were raves, there were table dancing monkeys! Oh wait, um, that was just Mike from That Monkey Tune (.com, go visit). …. and if you want a good account of the weekend’s activities, visit The Daily Cartoonist… really, you ought to read TDC daily…

Seriously, it warn’t cheap to go, but it was worth every penny.

THE presenters: Chad & Bill (of course from the Alaskan TUNDRA, and sponsors of this event); Keith Knight (freakishly busy, multi-toon, syncicated and not-syndicated toonist); Amy Lago (super friendly comics editor of The Washington Post Writers Group); Daryl Cagle (crazy amazing political tooner); Howard Taylor (mercenary cartoonist from SCHLOCK MERCENARY)…  Mark Anderson of Andertoons (whose presentation of his life and times was a serious hoot!); Cam Millward (grumpy paginator of Canwest Editorial Services… they put the funny pages together for newspapers) and Andrew Feinstein (creator of GIRLS AND SPORTS, a toon that might better be named “hitting on girls and obsessing over sports”)

All these folks gave amazing presentations… they answered questions and were completely accessible during and after they spoke. I scribbled several pages of notes, gobbling up all the pearls of cartoon wisdom thrown out to us. From these notes, Team Squid now possesses the instructions for world domination… Bwaaaah haa ha! Squid will overthrow!

Ahem, At the onset we all received a logo goodie bag with books, a mug and such. These books were circulated around garnishing toons and signatures from all present toonists alike…. a collected Poli-Cagle-tundra-mercenary… awesome reading! Thanks for the freebees, people!

I have to shout out to my fellow cartoonists that I got to know from this superb event…please visit their sites below! …          Holy Mole Cartoon …       monkeybaggs … …     That Monkey Tune … …

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