Okay, it’s been a few days now since I got back… I fell into a slow re-entry and a migraine headache (which did little to help)… BUT NOW! NOW I will post a few pics and remembrances of our amazing Portland whirlwind of a trip. Of course, it was fun. It’s Portland…. where the cool buildings and slick rainy streets meet the insanely green trees. … where the funky vibe and silly cartoony-ness sits over the city like a cheerful cloud. Stickers are slapped on street signs, newspaper racks and on any available surface. Coffee shops, brew pubs, swanky restaurants and upscale food carts are everywhere  you look, … and there is a sense of hip and of cool.

The Jupiter Hotel embodied the cool hipness and although it was a fun place… sleeping and restfulness isn’t a quality the place is known for… but The Doug Fir was a great place for a bite to eat and apparently a place to see some great acts. The bar was slick and had I actually felt better on this trip, I would’ve have hung around more with a drink in my hand (or several)… as it was, the lingering headache/migraine was a form of prohibition. Out of respect, Harold laid off the drinks, himself. 

The Jupiter was the location of the Stumptown After party on Saturday night. The Gear, cartoonist Mike Allread’s sometimes band, was a pretty good listen…. from the hotel room (right next to the venue) as it was TOO LOUD to talk/and or mingle, so I pulled out the sketchbook and had some down time with the peeps in the groovy hotel room… Without the drinking aspect (for me) the After party seemed a bit less engaging… but that was just me. I re-entered said party for the “Best of” awards (which seemed like a Portland Cartoonist Popularity contest ) and the party picked up with the Art Battle… an improv cartooning battle (which was a highlight)!

Stumptown Comics Fest 2012 seemed smaller to me (than last year). I would be interested to know how many tables there were compared to last year. It was bigger than 2010 for certain, when it was at the Doubletree. But this year, I shared a table with excellent table-mate, Jack of “GULLS” comic strip (whom I met last year at Stumptown). We Rawked E-10… and Jack sold out of his new book! Rawk on, Jack!

I got some visits from some Squid fans! THank you for dropping by!  Uncle Bad, having shared some blog conversation a while back about Alan Rickman, dropped by a copy of The January Man for my viewing pleasure… thank you, Unca Bad! You’re most thoughtful! Riley snagged some Harold time and was the first official customer of the festival! Portland Squid Fans are amazing! Ink on!

I also hafta shout out to Alan at Columbia Art (a groovy art store within walking distance of The Jupiter)… I went all gooshy when I walked in as it is a fine art establishment and parked outside was an “art scooter”… the sure sign the place was of high quality.

And Powell’s Books… no trip to Portland is complete without a trip to the City of Books. My amazing finds: Scatterbrains (a compilation of tooners), a Jim Mahfood poster book, Laugh Out Loud Cats Sell Out, and a Puddlejumping coffee cat t-shirt from the Powell’s Coffee Cafe situation. I could’ve stayed another couple hours there… in fact, I could NOT LEAVE… dat’s best. 

Shouts to Astrid (Eugene tooner of greatness), and Gavin (there needed to be more dancing) and Voodoo Donuts (you never disappoint!), and to Katie & Dave and kids (thanks for the groovy grub and the bike ride).

And as a lovely side note… the drive was lovely… despite the one day return trip. Shasta was bright and the color palette was amazing… several shades of yellow green, a boisterous pink (flowering tree), an amazing red-orange (soil) and brilliant white (the ridiculously snowy mountain itself). I couldn’t get over the healthy mountainous region at the north end of Calif. The last time I drove thru, it was drought-ridden and the water level was frighteningly low.

More pictures… soon. Stay tooned.


Oh… And First Friday… tomorrow… I can’t believe it’s been a month already! SHeesh!