Here’s a few ideas for that Squid fan in your life!

Buttons! Set of four (inch-an’ a quarter size) for the amazing price of just $3.

Dot magnets: Set of six for $5

Regular Magnets (that are like the buttons) are $1.25  or for for $4. A pack of Harold cards (5 cards with scenes from Harold’s travels) $8.

Why not get that special someone a Squid Row T-shirt? Price drop to $15. Or a set of Squid Books… 3 for $12*.

And then there’s Squid Christmas tree ornaments… 4×4 inch image of Randie/Ryan, The “knitted Art-o-rama Mamas”, Harold (sold out), or Mischief-maker Twinkie. $5 each.

*All orders will get a free button. And any 3-book order will get a free set of buttons.

And orders over $10 will be gift-wrapped for free. There’ll be some shipping of course. Email me with your order or if you have questions… and we’ll iron out the details.