This whole week, it seems, I have been obsessed with Vincent Price. Which, I might add, is fine… being that Halloween is nigh. I could blame this week’s full moon or the Halloween candy… but I’ve always rather liked Vinnie …He’s creepy, yes… but debonair … and had a delicious sense of humor. (as a note of interest, I used the word “macabre” in a recent toon). I’m pretty sure I was influenced. If you’re interested in some frightfully wonderful audio and visual Halloweenie Vincent Price, visit (Cue the scary music)… enjoy.

Here’s a little blurb from The Muppet Show…

Kermit and Vincent

Time for some Fan ART…

This is from Kristin. She visited me at The Cartoonery this past ARTober Fest weekend. She’s a fan of the Squid, a budding cartoonist and is starting her very own comic, SplashDogs.

So, if you’ve done up any Squid Row Fan Art, send it to me and I will post it on the Squid Row Fan Art Page (don’t ya know). I love me some Fan art.

Squid Row Mama’s Flickr site now has some photos up from The Alternative Press Expo. (You can drop in anytime by just clickin’ the link above today’s comic entitled “Flickr”…)