It sounds like a joke, don’t it… or something you’d throw into a cauldron (it is getting to be Halloweenie time). Soooo… Flitting around APE this year was pretty groovy as I was able to visit some of my toonie pals and make some new ones.

Aidan (the NOT-clown here) does the Madcap comic, Scapula… which drops every Sunday. It’s silly, as is Aidan, and I only wish I coulda hung out with Mr. Scap some more. (sigh, next time, Aidan)…

Also on the route of pals to drop in on was the nice Lovesick Robot folks (they’re from Milwaukee), Crow at Nicky510, and Shoe… (Or Alex Schumacher) who was giving a workshop with Mark Peaslee on the writer-artist relationship/colaboration process.

I picked up a number of comics, as you would guess, whilst at APE… I will highlight them in a later post… but one of these comics was Side B. (There is a Side A, but I opted for B… it was bigger and Jim Mahfood is in B… and I likes Mahfood)… anyhoo… this is Mike… and he’s in Side B… He’s side a of a two part team… side b is his wife who did the art (but she warn’t around)… Mike and Harold seemed to get along right off the bat. Here’s Mike giving Harold funny bunny ears (kinda ironic).