Okay! The pre-sale is over! The last few pre-order books are in the mail… and now… It’s all Official Like… Down But Not Out on Squid Row is officially RELEASED…

Okay… it seems like that’s a bit over-dramatic since I told you I got the books in already. But I’m lining up some book-signing events and placing the books in shops around town here… So I will update with a list of places you can buy it locally. You’ll still be able to buy the book through Etsy and you’ll still be able to buy the book through me, should you rather pay with a check (email me through the contact button). So there you go. If you missed out on the pre-sale but you still want a poster, you can buy them at Etsy, as well.

If you pre-ordered a book… thank you! … and smiles upon you! If you are thinking about ordering a book… smiles upon you! To all my readers… smiles upon you!