Randie Paper Doll


As promised and after a lot of chin scratching and bleeptiy-beep technical frustrations, I am posting a high resolution paper dolls for those of you who’ve asked for downloads of the gang. I wanted to post a pdf, but forgive me, the jpeg will have to do for now. They are gratis non-pay-o… but if you are pleased… and you are so inclined, plop some monies in my donate place. That’s the button that says “donate.” So here is download one… Our artist hero, Randie. (More to follow, of course).

****a few notes about the download…

Don’t click the picture to the left. You will not be happy. CLICK This file here …  randie_paperdoll.jpg

… if you experience anything weird or have troubles… please let me know so I can bang my head against something else. Cheers!