So I’m steadily working on the zine (Art-o-rama)… and here’s a little preview of the art I’m working on if you subscribe to Art-o-rama at the “get art” level.

Really, folks, this is a deal… you get 6 months of art & comics PLUS some groovy art… all for a fifty dollar a year subscription rate. Lemmie go all PBS on you… that’s less than (um, carry the one…. excuse the feeble math skills)… $4.25 a month! Think of it this way… You’d be supporting a cartoonist, getting stuff and art… and you aren’t even paying for postage! AND you’re getting Squid content you aren’t getting online or in the newspaper…. So for the cost of a Double Mocha Frappa-something… one coffee per month… YOU could be getting STUFF! Okay, PBS-thing over. Go back to reading comics.

*If you wanna get your subscription… send me an email with your mailing address (and you can send me a check)… or just go to Etsy (Search: SquidRowComics) and follow the tres simple instructions.

**you can also do the regular subscription without the art… and that’s $30.