Here they are… The Pfaff sisters! A few of you have asked for some clarification on Mouse’s aunts. Here’s some info to help you keep them straight… and…


some insight into who they are…

Mouse lives with his mom, Maggie. They do not live with any of the other Pfaff sisters… but they all live in the same community and are creatively inclined.

Maggie tends to be the “head aunt” despite Patty being the oldest.

Patty is married to Uncle Ted, who has a problem with “spirits” and can usually be found in a pub, bar, or drinking situation. Patty tends to have a less than cheerful disposition at times… and can be a bit grumpy.

Martha and Maggie tend to do more things together… as they were closer as kids growing up.

Millie is the baby of the family… and a lot closer in age to Mouse… so they get on well.

The Pfaffs, as a whole, are still developing… and some things I want to devulge through storyline. We will see much more of Mouse’s family as we go along…. that’s for certain.