Okay… I’ve got one month before I leave for Europe… Did I mention that I am going to France? If it slipped my mind, London is calling… and Provence is waiting, and Paris is on the other line. The fun starts on July 5th, with a rather long commute to Heathrow… and a 4 day stay in London near the Thames. I was in Jolly Ol’ England in 2008… and I rather enjoy the Brits and their odd histories and strange names of places… (like Lickfold and Thumby Woodside). The Fun doesn’t stop there in London… There’s a week in Aix and a week in Paris. I have my museum pass at the ready! Be still my heart.

And actually, my heart is skipping several beats thinking about all the cartoons I have to get done before I go! I have to be weeks and weeks ahead in order to be able to cross the pond. Okay, I have known about the trip for some time… and I have been steadily moving ahead… but it’s a tad difficult to “get ahead” as any toonist will tell you!

Anyhoo, I plan on keeping a blog whilst away… I have re-launched bridgettspicer.com… and will be posting stuff there as well as on Flickr. I’ll post something here as well… I plan on properly photo documenting the trip for use in the comic… (do you take that to mean that Randie gets her trip to Paris?… I would never give away such precious info… I can only say to you… read on dear Squiddies, read on…). Oh, another thing, there shan’t be a break in the toons.