C’mon Harold! Road Trip to Portland!

Harold is pretty excited. There’s lots to look forward to this weekend. Jack of Gulls is our table mate, and just announced, George Leon will be Stumping it with us on Saturday. It’s gonna be crazy fun and Rawk-ous… especially at the Jupiter Party on Saturday… There’s gonna be a Draw off! (Where’s David Bowie to judge it?…. Zoolander… anyone?) Anyhoo, what stuff is gonna be at the table? Harold, of course! (Stufftie, that is).

It was chilly last year...

I love meeting fans! Come on by the table! Harold loves to have his picture taken...

There will be the Squid Row: Welcome To The Neighborhood book. The book dropped just after Stumptown last year, so if you don’t have a copy… now’s your chance! There will be t-shirts, new pin-buttons, magnets and original watercolors, and prints…. I will be sketching’ at the table, too.

And new for the festival… Coffee Break Squid… a collection of sketches from various

sketchbooks… you might recognize some of the drawings as some of them made it to comic form. Pick one up! They are so affordable!