You have to appreciate your local cartoonist. The moment captured above by “that famous ‘tooner guy” is what goes on everyday at the desk of cartoonists everywhere! Thankfully, he didn’t show the part where we bang our heads on the drawing board (It’s really graphic)… ha! Toonist joke!

Anyhoo! May 5th (also Cinco De Mayo) should be more widely recognized as Cartoonist Day… but we have no traditions… no silly parades or drinking games. We need some advertising. If you are a cartoonist out there… make yerself a button or t-shirt and spread the word! Offer free hugs… Ideeyah: Hug me. It’s National Cartoonists Day! Spread the word, ya’ll. If you know a cartoonist, hug them. Flowers are nice, too. Really. (Why should all the secretaries have all the glory?)

Now onto Free Comic Book Day (Sat, May 7th)… Want free comics? Check your favorite neighborhood comic book store and see if they are participating. You may just score some goodies!