You all know Squid Row Spill…
now meet Spill… the real person! Jill Spill, ‘tooner, artist, kindred spirit…

I met Spill (Jill) back around 1999… she had a studio/gallery in The Barnyard Shopping Plaza in Carmel. Her art was so lively, uninhibited, free and whimsical and fun. We had cartooning in common and we struck up a friendship.

It seems that opportunity whisked her away too soon as she left Carmel to live in Arizona but we kept in contact over the years, following each other’s artistic endeavors along the way.

I started my comic a few years after I met Spill. I pushed it at syndicates, but put it aside to do life stuff and then picked it back up in 2007. But it wasn’t until Enid’s entrance into the comic …when Randie started the Art-o-rama Art club, that led to our meeting Spill, (a friend of Enid’s). I felt that I needed some “artsy” friends in the comic. And I happened to know a most “cartoon able” artist who just screamed new Squid character!

Enter Spill. Again, the name didn’t need changing… nor did her appearance. I added some artistic lic. to Spill, making her a concrete artist and sculptor in addition to her own talents as a painter. But really, Spill is capable of doing anything… and that goes for both Spills! Squid Spill has evolved into a colorful and exciting character who still has so much potential to expand. That’s an artist for ya!


These are my Converse that Spill, well, Spill-ified. I think they are so much more fun than the off-white they started out! You talk about silly (or spilly!) If you want to see other wearable art done up by our pal, Spill ,you need only visit her website.

Visit  the wonderful world of Spill: