Dearest Squiddies… I’ve come to the fork in the road. One path, the smooth paved one, is continuing in comics and the other path is the dirt road to a more “fine art-centric” route. I’ve enjoyed my path in comics… and I have had so much fun in Squid Row! I want to thank you for coming along with me on the Squid Row adventures, but alas, I’m heading down the other road.

When I moved to Portland, Oregon last year, I was looking for some new direction…. some reinvention. It has become more clear to me over the past year that the change was coming and comics was going to be something I focused a little less on. I’m not planning on giving up comics entirely… just maintaining two comics on a regular basis.

I have loved Randie & Ryan and Squid Row… I am grateful for your readership and your support over the years! Thank you! I will keep the sites up for both comics… and will post from time to time… but I’ll direct your eyeballs over to for most things. Also you can follow me around on my instagram where I update frequently… … I will also be updating my Patreon account to reflect things… for those of you who give.

So Sept. 29th will be the last comic for Squid Row and Sept 27th will be the last for R&R.

Again… thank you for all your support and your readership! Smiles!