I love our local art museum… Every year at this time, The Monterey Museum of Art has its amazing Miniatures Show. Its a fund-raiser and this is how it works. Local artists donate a piece of art that is sub 7 x 9… all framed and lovely… and the museum puts them up with little boxes underneath. Viewer/patrons can buy a 5 dollar raffle tickey, fill it out and deposit into the box corresponding to the artwork. You buy as many tickeys as you want… and put as many as you want in any given box. Hopefully in a couple months, your raffle tickey is picked and you take away some art. I found so many handsome pieces that would look amazing in my house.

I donated a piece for the show. It wasn’t hard coming up with something…

My pal, Kevin Miller belongs to the art work there… He cuts paper… very intricately.

There were also three-dimensional works and sculptures. This nifty folding cut-out work (below) is entitled “Home Is When I’m Alone With You.” Kudos to Barbara Daniels.