I would like to remind you tooners out there, that Saturday is Mini Comics Day! 

phinkbottle-copyIt is time to grab your bottle of ink and your scissors… and meet up to draw comics!

Here’s what you do. Go to minicomics.org and sign up. Here’s a link to their events page … You’ll notice that it has our local Current Comics which has signed up (where I will be leading said event). Signing up just means you post some of the work made for the event on the minicomics.org website.

Even if you don’t wish to sign up and share, you can get a group of your pals together to make mini-comics… meet up at a coffee shop or someone’s living room. It’s an excuse to buy pizza and throw back a few adult beverages (if you didn’t already overdo it on National Absinthe Day on March 5th). And if you would like to send me some photos of YOUR mini comics, or just photos of your group working on mini comics, I will post them!

Here’s a nifty template to get you started… It’s so simple! Look Mah, no staples!