Well, last weekend’s Make & Bake was a big success!

The awesome folks at Somos do such a good job every year. This was the fourth year of M&B and the first year it was a 2-day event. The live music on the Somos Stage was exciting and fun to listen to… and the vendors were fun and diverse. So thanks to Will and Imelda for a job well done… and thanks to those of you who came and visited the Squid Row table! I have included a photo gallery (photos by Peter) for you to peruse.

Now onto some Squid News! 

I am currently working on the holiday edition of Art-o-Rama… entitled Holiday Fun & Games. I am having so much fun with this issue… it will be full of silly things to enhance your holiday experience and also to distract you from the usual craziness… I encourage you to procure a copy for yourself… either by sending me an email saying “RESERVE ME A COPY NOW, DANG IT!” , or …by ordering up an issue on Etsy… here’s the link

ALSO, TOO… you could get a subscription to Art-o-Rama for yourself or as a gift! It’s a great deal that comes right to your mailbox! You don’t even pay for shipping! You can do this through Etsy as well… (or email me through the contact on this site!)