Why not give a gift that lasts ALL year? 


How about a gift a subscription to my art and comics zine, Art-o-rama?

Here’s some Art-o-rama facts: It publishes every other month. There are limited runs so each issue is signed and numbered by moi. You don’t pay extra for shipping domestically. A subscription is only $30. If you wanna do extra special, $50 gets a real piece of art (by moi) with each issue! A subscription is only a visit to Etsy away! I will even send a gift subscription notice postcard to the receiver.

Also, too… You can start right away with the Christmas Fun & Games issue! (****Don’t delay though… the elves temporarily stop filling orders between Dec 17 and January 7th).

Gifts of the arts are most appreciated on both ends! So Give today!

** Ps. Let me know that you want a GIFT subscription when you place the order on Etsy via  special instructions.

ALSO, if you wanna do this whole thing through check money, send me an email through the contact button on this site! I’m flexible!