Okay all you mixologists out there… here’s your chance to show yer stuff! Harold, our drink-enthusiast stufftie, is laying down a challenge… Come up with the new Lava Luna’s Tiki Bar drink, Kapu. That’s right… YOU concoct that forbidden drink!

What would one garnish by winning said contest? An original watercolor featuring our stuffed pal, your name, and your Kapu concoction. Mind you, there isn’t any ownership here… It’s all out there for funzies. No copyrights here… except for Harold and Squid Row and all.

So… put your drinking caps on and go to work…

there are a few rules though…

  • the ingredients have to be common to any grocery store or BevMo! … meaning no crazy weird stuff that nobody could replicate but you (after all, the judges have to be able to test these puppies out). Also, this is a well drink and shouldn’t cost $50 to replicate.
  • there has to be juice involved (hint: Harold loves pineapple juice… just sayin’… he’s a judge).
  • it has to be unique. No robbing another recipe.

When to when? Submissions will be accepted now, Sunday, February, 19th 2012… through February 29th, 2012 (Leap year!). The judges will include Harold, myself, my minions- Judy & Nelson… and a guest judge. Send your drink concoctions to: brig@squidrowcomics.com before March 1, 2012. Happy mixing!