I missed my usual Friday post… I apologize… these things happen. Bad artist blogger.

But I will report to you that First Friday in November was humdinging. There was Shoo Fly Pie, courtesy of Keith’s Mah (OH! It was taste-EH!)…  there were so many friends of Squid and I gatta tell ya… it was just a fun evening. Thanks to all you’s who popped in! And here’s a photo that Squid Pal Jenny took of our Harold. It’s kinda groovy as it was taken with an iphone app that gives the pictures “a look.”

And this past week we were conversing about libraries being an art museum… well here’s a new book just in time for Christmas. It’s called The Art Museum. It weighs 18 pounds and it apparently has all the art history you’ll ever need within its covers. Here’s a link to the NPR story on it. (I know what I’m asking Santa for this year!).