StarryNightCakeIn honor of the recently unveiled, rediscovered and undisputed  Van Gogh painting, “Sunset at Montjour”, I give you cake. Well, actually, Yat gives you cake… he sent this photo my way recently… it seemed apropos to post today… thank you, Yat. Now… raise your tubs of frosting and let’s toast Vinnie! Then…  LET them eat cake!

(photo/ cake created by megpi posted on Flickr)

Incidentally, I will be at the cake tomorrow… Judy is making me an Absinthe cake (not entirely unrelated to the Starry Night cake shown… as Vincent had a liking for Absinthe). If you’ve not had it, you are missing out, certainly. There is a fine recipe in the highly entertaining book, The Sweet Life in Paris, by David Lebovitz.