I was stunned by the news that my favorite actor, Alan Rickman has died. I cannot help but be both saddened by this news but also glad that we had the amazing talent of this actor of stage and screen.

In honor of Alan Rickman, I will repost the series I did back in 2011 where Randie attends a “Larry Potter-thon” with Mouse and Midge. This is one of my favorite storylines. You’ll see why near the end. Enjoy.

To set the scene, Mouse has just introduced us to his pal, Midge who works at a comic book shop.

2011-07-07-party-inviteRyan, if you remember, is living in London while his girlfriend is at school.

2011-07-08-party-notesRandie is about to get “schooled”… ha ha… Hog warted! hahahahahaha.
2011-07-09-pick-upThere’s a Sunday comic in here, but you’ll have to go to the comic for 7-10-11 (linked) for that, as the format is different.

2011-07-11-snake-girlHere’s my tribute…

2011-07-12-dropped-offOf course, this is the best scene in the first Harry Potter film.

2011-07-13-prof-snakeClearly, I had fun with this.

2011-07-15-spill-magicAnd scene.