xmas tree photo

This year, my office has been a bit quieter. For the past five years, I  have opened up The Cartoonery to guests and friends on First Fridays, here in Oldtown Salinas (it’s like an art walk and small business showcase). Last year, after my Christmas First Friday, I closed my office on the tour for what I thought would be a short break. I was going on vacation mid-year, and decided to have the office open for a smattering of First Fridays. This turned into a year-long break. It was unexpected and I do miss the joy of being with friends.

Even with the break still in progress, I like to decorate my office for Christmas. Call it indulging in the Holiday Spirit. I listen to songs of the season as I work. I have eclectic music tastes and bounce from Snoopy vs. The Red Baron, to classical, to Reindeer Room chill. Music is a big part of Christmas and I keep the tunes playing.

As we inch into mid-December, I hope that you are full of the Holiday Spirit… whatever that means to you. I hope that you are enjoying the parties, the joy of friends, the music, the wonderful array of holiday food offerings. Sometimes we forget that Christmas isn’t just a day… but a season. It’s not about the ONE DAY of giving and getting. It’s about embracing those we hold dear… whether by sending them a card, or delivering a plate of cookies, or choosing to be with them for holiday events.

Maybe I will re-open for First Friday in 2014… it’s hard to say. But I will not miss out on the joy of friends and the opportunity to spread some Holiday Spirit…  throughout the entire year.