It was asked recently (over at about my 4-fingered Randie (pictured on the site).

Quote: Why does Randie have only four fingers? Answer… Because, that’s why.

No, that’s not what I replied. The REAL answer is this… I learned it from a Walter Foster Book. When I first started cartooning I had a few books that I taught myself with. This one here had a great influence on me.


hands-preston-blairYou can see for yourself how this is still amazing! The copyright says 1986 but I don’t think that is the original copyright on the artwork. hands-spicer-style

In any case, seeing as our heroes are wearing wedding rings now… it seems to make sense to provide them with the correct amount of fingers. So I’m working on this. Hands, as most people will tell you, are tricky to draw. I’ve gotten so used to drawing lesser digits that this is going to take some practice. You can see some hands I did in my sketchbook here recently.