Well, it’s late… I’m nearly brain-dead and zombie like… and I am getting to know my Mac Book Pro… it’s nifty, very clean and I like the black keys. After 2 hours at the Apple Store tonight, we got my new laptop working, synched with my phone  and I’ve loaded up the Wacom and my new copy of Creative Suite. Photoshop CS5 is so different… it’s going to take some time getting used to it.

The folks at the Apple Store near me (Monterey) have been so patient and helpful. I give super big kudos to Cindy, Brett, Robin, Edgar, Matthew… and Jay. Yes, I’ve worked with all of them. They are still trying to crack my old MacBook and get it to spill out all the files that I am terrified that I may have lost.

But through all this, I stick to one of my mantras… that everything happens for a reason. I’m sure all this is going down for some purpose that will become more clear later. I have faith that all things will work out the way they are supposed to. So I’m still smiling despite all the work I have to do this weekend.

Ps. Thank you all for the well wishing and good thoughts and crossed fingers… I appreciate it. Thank you for your support through out.