watercolors for the trip

I have spent the day packing bags, checking to see if I have all the right cords… and making sure I have packed the correct art supplies. It’s not like they don’t have art supply stores in London… or Aix, or Paris (for crying out loud!) and I plan on visiting them anyhow… It’s a silly thing I do where I have to go in to see the “other” art (toy) stores.

Harold is getting ready, too! I suggested that Harold have a special garment for the trip… and so Judy made him a lovely travel scarf… Doesn’t he look handsome? He’s soooo excited.

Tomorrow is the last full day to take care of any tasks and duties (last bit of laundry, etc.) … oh, and then there’s fireworks at a friend’s house… and Monday at 4pm, we fly out of San Francisco (“Frisco” according to Max).