It’s been a while since I posted on this site’s blog. Since I last blogged here, much has happened. I’ve put my studio right (even though there is much to still do by way of de-cluttering), I’ve got on with a gallery nearby (The Sidestreet Arts gallery on 28th in Portland), AND I’ve been a mad collage-ing art crazy person! I’ve upped my game by doing Randie & Ryan, Squid Row and the arting… I’ve changed my working habits, and am full of new energy. Whew.

The focus in my art studio has been collage. I spend most the day cutting up pieces of paper, arranging them in accordance to my muses, and then framing the results. I currently have 8 of my collages at the gallery mentioned above (and 10 MugShots). Since dropping those off, I’ve created 5 more framed works… and have several more in the works.

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