“Monday is a bummer, Tuesday’s only fair, Wednesday’s gettin’ better, Thursday’s almost there! But Friday… Friday… Friday is my favorite day!” -Funny song

I found this on Instructables.com… With Randie and I being Nutella fans… I found this recipe interesting… Yes! You, too, can make your own Nutella…

Are you drooling yet?

And as Summer draws to a close… you might like this!

I found this delectable smores-inspired recipe on Humble Pie (dot com)… Gah! I’m inspired to break out the marshmallow cream and dark chocolate!

Friday Art Quote:

Creativity is not a motive, it’s simply an attitude of open-mindedness. -Eleanor Blair


By the fun folks at Laughing Squid… a website devoted to all things SQUID!  …including these little fimo (?) squiddies. Cute and Squishy, eh? Well, at least they LOOK squishy.