Harold-heART-day-2Actually, I HeART Art Day was January 8th. But since the comic broke today, January 9th, we’ll call it “I HeART Art Day, observed” … SO….

As it is such, you’ll need to do some celebrating today (or even tomorrow, if you’d like)! First off… you need to make a silly paper hat. That’s right, what would I HeART Art Day be without silly paper hats!? Mind you, it must be paper. You can make it as elaborate as you want, but creating in paper is part of the fun.The wackier the better… or not. Just make it YOU. I was able to find some inspiration on Pinterest by searching party hats (and Flickr, too). Also, here’s an interesting website where you may find some ideas… My Beautiful Paper Hat.  

… here’s a simple paper hat template:   [wpdm_file id=5]

Harold-heART-dayHow else might you celebrate this Art-o-rama Mama created holiday?

Immerse yourself in art today. Take time to visit an art museum in your area… or an art gallery. Really investigate the art you see. Observe the lines, colors, and composition. How does the art make you feel? Ask questions of the gallery attendant or curator… who is the artist that created the art? What is his or her story?

CREATE! Once you have your silly hat (and hopefully, there are a few of you celebrating together), then you are set to make some art! You might start off by venturing to an art store and trying something new… experimenting is part of the fun! What’s gouache? find out and play… buy a new sketchbook and play with new art pens… Make an art journal by using an old book and painting or watercoloring and collaging right into it! Go into a hardware store and buy weird materials… and make something from stuff you find there… get in a creative state of mind. Use unconventional things to make art.

IDEA: How could you make a robot out of hardware items? Or a bird? or a cat?

Make art with kids or old persons! No arm-twisting here… kids love to make stuff! All they need is a cardboard box, markers, scissors, some glue and paper scraps… see what they come up with!

You’ll need some treats while you make all this art: How about sugar cookies in the shape of artist palettes … or just frost cookies with Nutella! Nutella and candy canes are Randie’s ideas of Art Party food. Enid made a Heartichoke dip with chips and crackers. Trawl the internet for ideas… search art party and see what comes up!

Whatever you do for I HeART Art Day, enjoy it! This day gives you total permission to be art-filled, silly, inquisitive, creative, wacky and free-forming. Art is about exploring. So see what you can get into!