Photo on 1-17-14 at 9.02 AM

Yes, I am up to no good. I have “evil plans” and I am willing to enact them.

Okay, maybe they aren’t EVIL plans… but they are plans.

I bought a book recently, called Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination by Hugh MacLeod (a cartoonist). It is making me happy. It is full of little cartoonificated sound bites to success… so it’s not just “about words.” It is a helpful tool in where I am at right now… on the road to world domination.

Sooo… my mind is filled with  a lot of stuff right now. Don’t ask me any hard questions


because you will only get the spinning ball of death. I’m processing… I’m running 4 programs at once… and I am not exactly an Apple computer… I usually do only one thing at a time well. BUT, I’m pretty sure that if you are going to take over the world, you need to multi-task, if even just a little. So, Step ONE… think it out in your sketchbook…. make it visual. Then pin it up on your work board and LOOK at it EVERYDAY. I am a visual person. If something is existing in nowhere land, it will stay there.

Then it’s time to put things into action. Set goals and make your move. These goals might remain kinda wonky and loose… because you can change them. Flexibility is tres important because success isn’t a straight line.

This is where I am right now. My goal is to get the Best of  Squid book out before Big Wow in San Jose in May.

“Choosing an easy life rarely ends up with much of either.” -Hugh MacLeod