Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!

Stuff  just came to my door!

… two very exciting books that my muddah sent (Tanks, Mah!).

Drawn In is a voyeuristic look into the sketchbooks of a buncha art-y type peoples. These sorts of publications make me mega-joyous. I am super into sketchbooking… I never leave home without mine. Right now I’ve got a Robert Bateman sketchbook which takes most media really well. I’m enjoying  doing the water coloring in said sketchbook as I was gifted honest to goodness real Russian artist quality water colors (thanks, Olga’s mom)…

Here’s visual aid… for giggles.

Full pan water colors… for serious.



Here’s the other livre that came to my door… It’s the wonderfully illustrated graphic novel, Daytripper.

The forward is by my tooney hero, Craig Thompson (Blankets*) and I can’t wait to dig in.

* and by the way, Habibi is finally released… years in the making…

Are you reading a graphic novel at present? … or do you have a favorite one? Tell us (briefly) about it…

****Uploaded lots of photos to Squid Row’s Flickr from recent events, and Harold-doings. See what we’ve been up to… (titles soon).