Inside Down But Not Out

Inside Down But Not Out

Guess what!? If you pre-order your copy of Down But Not Out on Squid Row, you will receive a specially printed poster for free! That is right… you will not only get your copy of the new Squid book sent directly to your home … first and before the non-pre-order people, but you will get a signed sketch-doodle in the front of the book, and a groovy signed (by me) Randie poster.

Now, here are some stats… the book is 128 full-color pages and is like the previous book in size and quality (8.25″ x 9″). THIS one, however, is printed in the USA by Keness. The  poster is pretty nifty…. it is also printed by Keness and is a frame-able 8.5 x 11 size. As I indicated, I will sign it. 

Sooooo…. what do I do, you may ask, to get all this stuff? 

Option one: send me a check (made out to Squid Row Comics) for $14.95 PLUS $6 shipping ($10 if you are not in the USA)… and it will come to you (book shipment arrives in mid to late April).

Option two: go to squid row comic’s page on and pre-order it there. You can use a credit card or PayPal or whatnot.

Option three: find me on the street, throw lots of money at me and I will get you the goods when stuff arrives without all the shipping and handling… this option works well if you live near me.

Squid Row Poster

Squid Row Poster

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