507px-WLANL_-_h3m3ls_-_Vincent_van_Gogh_Self-portraitHello, Squiddies… I am continuing my research into artists that interest Randie…. and me. I have not moved on from Picasso and his tirades, but I am now listening to the audiobook of Dear Theo, which are letters from Vincent Van Gogh to his brother, Theo. The letters FROM Theo aren’t included and so we have a one-sided piece of Van Gogh’s history and view of his world. As is Picasso, Van Gogh’s life and his experiences are entirely fascinating. His circumstances and undiscovered genius, worthy of study, are gripping and very sad… and yet, I find him pathetic in his manipulation of his brother. This is an observation made nearly half way into Dear Theo. I, of course, will continue to research Vincent’s history in more depth, but as with Picasso: Creator & Destroyer, I find myself disappointed with my hero… but am finding some interesting correlations between his life and Randie’s.

My investigation continues.