Hey Squid Pals…

I want to take just a minute to do a little cross-pollinating… I’ve got my tentacles all over the place, and I want to help promote a couple of Squiddies.

punk llamsPunk Llama Farm: It’s up on Indiegogo… help PashaKitty get her dream of an organic food and goat farm going. Personally, I love goat cheese and organic foodings.

Help her out… you can donate here. 


AND then there’s Dada… He’s the criminal mastermind behind the webcomic, Scapula! Just this week he started to publish not just on Sundays (in spectacular RGB color), but 3 more times a week (in spectacular Black and white)… Drop in on the world’s worst super villain and get in on the mad(s)cap fun! So go… be off to see the new & improved Scapula! 

So, thanks for your attention… support your fellow Squiddies, y’all! And have a Squiddy Day! scap_box2