Last Saturday, after a fine day of exploring the Carmel Art Fest, I was bouncing around the internet (thanks to a late afternoon coffee and a rather ample piece of Chocolate Granache cake). I found a couple of things that got my attention.

I stumbled upon the International Cartoonist Conspiracy… an open cartoonist organization meant to inspire cartoonists to get together and do their thing… cartoon. I liked that there was no membership, no rules per say… and no hoops to jump thru. So I signed in (there’s a blog and a message board and what not)… and am ready to encourage others to participate.

So first off is the Making Mini-Comics Day… which is May 26th… this Saturday. What are mini comics? Well, they are comics in a small format (click the link for more info). So at my local coffee establishment, Rollick’s in Salinas… I will be at a table making the comics from 10 am to noon on Saturday. If you are local, like me, stop by… bring some pens and some paper (regular printer paper works well) and make yersef a comic of mini-ness.  Be not afraid. It will be fun.

If you are not local, like me… find yersef a local coffee establishment of your preference or a center of artiness… and conspire to the mini-comics with a group of pals or whatever… Go to the above links for more details. Most of all… have fun!