I see that I’ve not made a post for some time. I am now rectifying that.

Are you on Instagram ? If you are, search for Brigtoon… that’s me… I’m participating in Inktober, where everyday I upload a drawing I’ve done in ink (thus the INKtober) … the drawings correspond to a prompt for that day and are categorized by the hashtag Inktober2017 and Inktober. I am also posting the cartoons on Facebook (under my name, so friend me… send me a message so I know you’re a fan and not a scammer).

Zine news: The latest issue of Art-o-Rama is out… It is about Monsters and Scary Things. If you are interested, visit bridgettspicer.com for more info (on the books & zines page). There are also Art-o-rama back issues available.

I recently collaborated with Betsy Streeter for her Drooly Dog mini zine. Issue # 8 has my ol’ pooch Mocha on the front. “Who’s a good dog? Who’s a good girl?” Want a copy? see bs.com website above.