If you read both Randie & Ryan and Squid Row… I apologize for the dual-post.


More and more webcomic-ers and indie artists are turning to Patreon for to give their readers and want-to-support-ers a way to, well, support them.

I want to once again ask for your Patreon-ic support via Patreon. It’s simple. They make it easy. They take care of the details. You can choose to give anywhere from a buck a month to $25 a month (or more). There are perks, of course. Would you like to get an art-postcard from me every month? or perhaps an artist trading card ?(examples in progress pictured) Or even an Art-o-rama zine (when it drops)? How about a behind the scenes news feed? All these things are perks and are available to you starting at $2/mo.

I don’t like asking for money. I was horrible at the door-to-door thing as a kid. Cookies, walk-a-thon pledges, school fund drives… I hated them. But comic convention tables aren’t cheap… and I want to continue to provide comics online. So won’t you drop something in the ol’ coffee cup? I would appreciate it greatly!

AND, to Sweeten the Pot, I will do you up a one-time Artist Trading Card for signing up at the $2/month level… that’s just $24 dollars for the year… plus you get an ATC… and I will send it to you! If you choose to give at a higher level, I will still send ya the ATC and I’ll draw whatever you want on the card! Jump to my page on Patreon! 

So thank you for reading all the way to the end… and thank you for your readership and smiles upon you all!