And now for something new…

Okay, Art Fans… Do you like Zines? Do you like getting stuff in the mail? Do you like supporting artists/tooners? Then you’ll love this…

Starting in mid October, I will be distributing, via subscription, a new art/comics zine called Art-o-Rama. Does the title sound familiar? That’s because Randie, Spill & Enid make up that Art-o-Rama art club in Squid Row.

Each numbered issue of Art-o-Rama will be 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches and will consist of 12 pages with a card stock cover. The book will be filled with mini-comics, collage, art, recipes, photography, poetry, guest artists… and more. Squid Row will be spattered around inside… (think of mini comics with different characters… in a more graphic novel style…) Yes, this is a new, fun, and exciting way to experience Squid Row, art from Randie’s brush (and mine).

So how does this work, you ask? Okay… over on Etsy, you can find a subscription for the Art-o-Rama Zine… here’s the price breakdown:

For a year’s subscription (of 6 issues… one every other month starting in Oct ’12):  $30 (no extra postage for US)

For a year’s subscription (6 issues) plus a numbered work of art (along with each issue): $50

So why not get stuff ?… and help out an artist/cartoonist person at the same time! Why not head over to Etsy and get in on this groovy deal!?